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We are Real Summit Network Company that is committed to providing our customers with a quality range of imported and locally-manufactured products that meet your Requirements. We have a number of strategically positioned sales and service outlets, each with its own in-house technical personnel, so that we can offer you fast and efficient after-sales repair service. Further, we have access to an extensive network of accredited installers should you require our products installed.
Smoke And Fire Alarm Systems

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Smoke and Fire Detector Alarm

A smoke detector is a special device that is designed to emit a high, piercing signal or voice alarm when smoke or flame is detected.

Smoke detectors are very important products to have in your home or business to protect you and your family from dangerous fires. Fires can start for all kinds of reasons from cooking accidents to bad wiring and having reliable smoke detectors installed can be the difference between life and death.

Many people put off buying smoke detectors because either they are ignorant of it or they say they’ll do it later, Real Summit Network has come with series of smoke and fire alarm detectors for the safety of you and your family.

An alarming amount of the fires that occur yearly where people have been injured or perished have been reported to not have working smoke detectors in the home. We want to help you ensure that your home and family is safe by providing smoke and fire detectors for your home.


There are several different types of smoke detectors Real Summit Network can offer to you.  They are typically separated by the way they detect smoke or fire.  We have provided you information on each type below.

Ionization – An ionization smoke alarm is the best kind to detect flames and actual fire.  It works by using a radioactive element to ionize the air inside the detector.  An electric current is inside the detector that is interrupted when smoke particles enter the chamber. Once the current is disrupted, it sets off the alarm.  All of this happens in a surprisingly short amount of time.  These types of smoke detectors are best at detecting the sometimes invisible smoke particles that can come from quick-starting fires like grease fires and paper fires.

Photoelectric – This type of smoke detector uses a small strobe light that remains on. When smoke particles are detected, the light is broken and the alarm immediately goes off.  These units are more expensive than ionization smoke detectors but they are growing in popularity because they are much less likely to be set off by non-emergency situations.  These units are better at detecting larger smoke particles that can be caused by clothing or bedding that catches fine and smolders before catching fire. Some fires that have started have actually smoldered for hours before bursting into flame.  When you have photoelectric smoke detectors, they are much more likely to detect the fire before it gets to the bursting into flame stage which can make a big difference in damage and injury.


Dual Sensor – These types of smoke detectors are actually the best kind you can purchase because they cover both ionization and photoelectric sensing and covet the gambit of types of fires that can occur.  Whether it is smoldering clothing or a rapid grease fire, the dial units will be able to detect both types and that increases your safety.  You can choose to get two separate types of smoke detectors, but having both types in one saves space and money too.


Air Sampling – This type of smoke detector is not as prevalent and is mostly used in businesses and scientific environments.  The reason these are better used in warehouses and labs is due to the increased sensitivity of these units.  The design is created to be able to detect whether smoke is present or not. Due to their extreme sensitivity they are not usually used in homes. We can still provide if the need arises.