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We are Real Summit Network Company that is committed to providing our customers with a quality range of imported and locally-manufactured products that meet your Requirements. We have a number of strategically positioned sales and service outlets, each with its own in-house technical personnel, so that we can offer you fast and efficient after-sales repair service. Further, we have access to an extensive network of accredited installers should you require our products installed.

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Microwave is a point-to-point technology that can provide extremely reliable, high-capacity wireless communications. It supplies high rate symmetric speeds via an outdoor microwave transmitter that is installed on the roof of your premises and is a fixed address service. It requires a clear line of site (LOS).

As it uses exclusive, licensed frequency rather than an open frequency (such as that used by mobile carriers) microwave is able to use a much higher frequency band to deliver high-speed data services. It is a very reliable technology, and can provide an alternative to fiber where suited to the location.

Our Microwave services are available in speeds from 1/1Mbps up to 1000/1000Mbps. Fast installation times of 2 days are available, and speed upgrades can be processed same day (up to 1000/1000Mbps) with no changes to technology/hardware.


Microwave benefits

With more business operations depending upon cloud operations, business owners are finding that microwave fixed wireless Internet meets their needs for increased bandwidth with improved reliability and performance when compared to fiber optic cable Internet services.

Microwave fixed wireless internet is quickly becoming more popular than fiber as businesses are learning about its advantages. In a competitive business landscape, speed and Internet quality are directly linked to productivity, which, in turn, contributes to organizational success. Since an increasing number of business operations happen on the cloud increased bandwidth is necessary. Business owners are discovering that fixed wireless is a direct replacement to fiber optic based services because it meets their bandwidth needs with higher reliability and performance.

Here are some reasons why Real Summit Network prefer microwave fixed wireless for your business to fiber optic cable.

  • Lower Latency
    More hops in optical networks lead to more processing latency and noise. A fiber network encompassing a city has to traverse more points than a microwave to arrive at the final point. The reduced number of hops in microwave networks lowers end-to-end latency. Even a gain of a couple of milliseconds can add up to a sizable advantage for businesses and deliver a better internet experience with lower latency when compared to fiber optic networks. For businesses using a VoIP phone system, a great advantage of using low latency microwave fixed wireless Internet connection is superior call quality in comparison to what is offered when using fiber optic networks.
  • Reliability
    When your business operations depend upon connectivity to the Internet, the reliability of your broadband connection is critical. One of the downfalls of fiber optic networks is that the cable runs underground, this leaves the network vulnerable to disruption due to damage caused by work being done in the street or the building. In comparison, a microwave fixed wireless connection is a point-to-point connection that meets or exceeds the reliability of fiber optic networks.
  • Microwave Fixed Wireless Faster
    Most businesses are looking to subscribe to an Internet connection in the 20Mbps to 500Mbps range. Microwave fixed wireless can easily achieve these speeds with higher reliability than fiber optic networks.
  • Installation time
    Having leased lines or new fiber equipment installed can be a time-consuming venture. Alternatively, microwave links can be installed within two to three days in comparison to the many weeks needed for fiber lines.
  • Dependability
    Fiber and leased lines are not infallible. Businesses typically turn to fixed wireless Internet solutions after losing their fiber data connections due to a number of reasons. Some also install microwave as a backup to fiber to manage the risk of communication loss and minimize downtime.

With the increasing availability of microwave fixed wireless internet and the lower costs associated with this solution, adoption is expected to only increase in the future. To learn more about how microwave fixed Internet can benefit your business, contact our experts at Real Summit Network.

More benefits

  • Highly reliable technologies with a guaranteed 99.95% uptime
  • Guaranteed speeds
  • Flexible and Scalable – we consult with you to ensure your needs are addressed now and well into the future. We work to your plan and remain available to modify your service over time
  • Fast 2 day installation
  • Superfast, same day, upgrade capability
  • Static IP addresses
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Professionals