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A very small aperture terminal (VSAT) is a small telecommunication earth station that receives and transmits real-time data via satellite.

A VSAT transmits narrow and broadband signals to orbital satellites. The data from the satellites is then transmitted to different hubs in other locations around the globe.


Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) is technology that is commonly referred to as a private earth station. The earth station is designed to transmit and receive data signals via a satellite signal. VSAT includes the term “very small” which refers to the size of the antenna on the VSAT dish.

The antenna typically measures about four feet in diameter and has a low-noise converter attached to it which receives the satellite signal, and a Block Upconverter (BUC) that transmits the signals for the radio waves. The antenna can be positioned on the ground or it can be mounted on a rooftop.

VSAT is designed to serve both businesses and individuals and involves the use of specific technology and devices that are designed to facilitate effective telecommunications and Internet connectivity. A VSAT connection is established through the use of the antenna system described above. Your PC or mobile device communicates with the antenna and then the antenna uses the transceiver components to send and receive signals from the satellite.

The sky satellite communicates with a station-based PC on the earth by sending and receiving signals. The station-based PC acts as the hub for the VSAT system and communicates with the end users of the VSAT configuration.

When the system is comprised of multiple users, in order to establish communications with one another the data must be transmitted to the station-based PC which sends the signal to the sky satellite. The satellite sky transponder then forwards the data transmission to the end user’s VSAT antenna and finally to the end user’s device. In addition to data transmission, a VSAT system can also handle voice and video.

VSAT can be used by both home users who sign up with a primary VSAT service and by private organizations and companies that lease or operate their own VSAT infrastructure. A main advantage of VSAT is it provides companies with complete control over their own communications infrastructure without having to depend upon third party sources. You can also receive telephone reception at a higher rate of speed than if you use a conventional Internet connection.



Different Purposes for VSAT

VSAT satellite communications can be used for both individuals and organizations due to its capacity to provide small private networks or larger networks which require multiple VSAT antennas. The costs associated with VSAT implementation can be on a pay as you go basis. This means if the VSAT network is going to eventually grow, you can leverage scalability by implementing the necessary equipment in small steps to reduce the cost impact.

Different applications which utilize VSAT satellite communications include point-of-sale systems and ATM banking systems which are capable of using wireless technology and individual Internet connectivity or Internet access for larger organizations. VSAT is also used for police surveillance, database monitoring and access, environmental purposes, military operations, customs responsibilities, field work, disaster and emergency relief, travel and tourism, mining and explorations, news agencies, agricultural purposes, and ship operations at sea and also as shortlisted below:

  • Large ICT networks for embassies
  • Tele-centers, Cybercafés
  • Sales monitoring and stock control
  • Satellite news gathering services
  • Interactive computer transaction services
  • Database enquiry services
  • Bank transactions and ATM services in remote locations
  • Tourism reservation systems
  • Distributed process control systems especially in the oil industries
  • Distributed telemetry systems used for monitoring power networks, water management systems, traffic control on highways and disaster monitoring systems
  • Voice, data, fax communication services in rural areas
  • Emergency services
  • Electronic funds transfer services direct at point of sale
  • E-mail systems
  • Medical data transfer and distance or tele-medicine
  • The provision of Wide Area Networks (WAN's) and the extension of LAN's to remote locations
  • The delivery of interactive multimedia services
  • Low rate video conferencing
  • High rate real time video monitoring services.


VSAT and the benefits it provides are being recognized in both the public and private sector. Many financial institutions, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, rural telecommunications providers, and other entities are using VSAT as a means to increase standards across many different fields.

This is accomplished using interactive data, system control and data distribution, broadcast data for commercial networks, and business video applications.

Real Summit Cable Network Provider can deploy you and offer you the installation of the V-SAT systems to your taste and specifications.


Advantages of V-Sat

End-users derive value from VSAT networks in a number of ways. Some of these are:

  • Lowered overall per unit connectivity costs
  • Improved total ICT network performance
  • Loss mitigation under network failure conditions
  • Improved response times to major business failures because of improved connectivity.
  • Increased market share and increased revenues for companies large and small
  • Improved provision of essential services by governments especially in remote areas
  • Improved quality of life for all the people of a country as a result of increased economic activity
  • Improved response to emergency situations as satellite systems can be restored quickly and effectively

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